A Better Process to Achieve Better Results

Undercurrent’s surface scrubbing service is a meticulous, multi-step process that uses two hot water treatments and high-powered surface cleaning machines to fully scrub your parking facility for a thorough cleaning, leaving it with a smooth and even sheen.

Our Use of Two Hot Water Treatments Removes Stains That Cold Water Treatments Cannot Achieve.

And our high-powered scrubbing machines provides a more detailed scrub that will leave your parking facility looking as clean as new.

We pay detailed attention to each step of our cleaning process to achieve better results.

Our Step-By-Step Method


The floor surface is thoroughly cleaned with our high-end ride-on sweeper to remove dust, dirt, and litter in preparation for the detailed surface scrub and to prevent debris from entering your drains.

Surface Prep

A degreaser is applied to all oil stains for removal and covers are placed on the sprinklers to protect them in preparation for the two hot water treatments.

Soak & Pre-Scrub

The floor surface is thoroughly pre-scrubbed either by a high-end ride-on scrubber for very dirty surfaces or power washed with high pressure hot water. All walls and columns are power washed to 4 feet from the floor.

Hot Water Scrub

Our hand operated hot water scrubbers and buffers are used to meticulously scrub the floor surface completely clean.

Hot Water Rinse

A second hot water rinse is completed to leave the garage with a smooth and even clean.

The Undercurrent Process Leaves Your Parking Facility Scrubbed Clean!

Meticulous Hot Water Power Scrubbing

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Let us show you the difference a hot water scrub and rinse will make to your parking facility.

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